Saturday, August 3, 2013

What is the Theme of Paul's Acts Ministry?

The theme of Paul's Acts period ministry and letters is the hope of Israel so embedded in Israel's festive program. Passover/Unleavened Bread had been fulfilled, Pentecost had been fulfilled and the next earthly redemptive event was the Day of the Lord culminating in the return of the Lord to the Earth at Trumpets. Reading 2Thess.2 pulls us right into Israel's temple and the abomination of desolation.
The Acts period was Pentecost in operation. Pentecost is a first fruit of Trumpets and the Thy Kingdom Come. The blessings (like gifts, guidance and supernatural transportation) and the curses, (like death for certain sins and sickness leading to death in others), was the foretaste, the first fruit of the millennial reign of Christ who will rule with a rod of Iron. Acts 5 is a picture of Is.66 in operation, a first fruit of it. When MA takes the millennial forecast events and doctrines of the Acts period and tries to squeeze into it the present dispensation of the grace of God, there are potholes and yawning gaps of dispensational truth which cloud and obscure the truth. That the Gentiles were included is no evidence of any change of dispensation, Gentiles were included in the Kingdom program for blessings and indeed for judgment upon Israel. So that when Paul quoted Is.28:11 in 1Cor.14:21 it was a reminder to Israel that they were rebellious but that God would have his way for them according to His purposes, please read Is.28 which follows on from 1Cor.15 Is.25. Paul through Corinthians is following Isaiah's earthly purpose themes.

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