Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Was Israel Cut Off at the Cross?

Did God intend to cut Israel off at the cross and then gave them a one-year extension because Jesus asked him to forgive them?  The answer is "No," and Brian Kelson of Bible Understanding explains why:

The pattern informs us of the fulfillment.
Let's go back to the pattern of Israel's deliverance.
1. Israel rejected Moses the first time, Ex.2. A picture of Israel's rejection of the Lord's prophets and messengers prior to Passover in the NT. One strike in the past meant nothing to God, how many strikes were there in their 40 years wandering? The still went into the Kingdom.
2. Moses' conversation with the Lord indicates Israel, nationally did not know their God, Ex.3:11-
3. Nationally Israel could reject the very deliverer sent to the, Ex.4:1-
4. Despite Israel being ignorant of all the Passover blood meant, they were delivered. They learnt later about the Lord holiness and blood access. After the cross, in Acts, then the truths were taught them.
5. Passover was the first step in Israel's national deliverance, it was not any point when they were cut off by God. Only Messiah was cut off at Passover and not for himself, Dan.9:26
6. The idea that God needed to add another year to Israel after Passover is totally out of step with the pattern. Even at Pentecost in the pattern, Ex.19, 32 Israel rejected the Lord and some were destroyed BUT NOT CUT off nationally. His purposes for them continued (Roms.3:1-4, what if some (a graceful understatement) did not believe, that does not invalidate God's faithfulness). Israel who had not been cast aside at the time of Romans way past Acts 7.
7. Israel refused to obey at Kadesh-barnea (Num13-14) (more than one year after Passover in Egypt) but they were not cut off, but turned through the wilderness so they could learn. God patiently giving them time to recognize that they would not live by bread alone. Acts period.
8. Trumpets was the next step in Israel's deliverance and Joshua lead them in, Joshua 3-6. The hope of the Acts period letters of Paul is trumpets, if Paul is writing about trumpets any concept that they were cast aside is contrary to the pattern.
9. Israel were forgiven at the cross for their sin of ignorance, no alteration of God's purposes took place, indeed Peter tell us clearly that what they did was according to what God had foretold, Acts 2-3. If Peter says it was all God's plan, then in what way does God need to add another year to what He knew would take place.
10. They were forgiven and the purpose continued. This is why Paul warned the Jews in Acts 13, that the northern army of Joel and Hab. was what they were to expect, Acts 13:40-41. Paul did not warn the Jews they would be cut off and a new dispensation introduced.
11. The new dispensation is not wrath on Israel. The reason is, it is Jews and Gentiles made one new man.
12 When God speak of wrath he does not mean cutting them off, he means wrath on THEM, suffering, death, pain. And the wrath was coming in Thessalonians, it was not in the past when Paul wrote that letter, so MA have missed the point again and invent an idea to suit their purposes. Wrath to the uttermost is FOR Israel to experience, not to be cut off and avoid it. And when he (was to come) back them, that is when the wrath would be poured out as per Revelation. The coming wrath 1 Thess.1:10

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