Monday, August 26, 2013

How Does Acts 28 Dispensationalism View Daniel's 70 Weeks?

Brian Kelson's response:

Daniel 70 weeks outline in a brief form:

This understanding of Daniel's 70 weeks leaves Israel as lo-ammi in those first 7 weeks mentioned in Daniel 9:25.  In other words, while the angel mentioned the 7 weeks and then the 62, it does not automatically follow that the first 7 are to be included in the 70. Tradition says Christ was cut off at the 69th week, but this is impossible on a number of grounds.
1. Rome was not the source of the lawless one. Dan.8:8-9.   Only from the four divisions of Alexander's kingdom can the antichrist come and Italy is not in that division.
2. If the Lord died at the 69th week, then the antichrist should have been at the doors of Israel with his armies and the last week (3.5 years x 2) was upon them.  If Mid Acts wants to add another year, their point is invalid for Israel were never to be cut off at the cross – only Christ was to be cut off, "but not for himself."  Again, IF Mid Acts adds another year to the cross, it doesn't mean Israel were to be cut off, it only means the antichrist should have been there anyway, and he was not.

So, the 70 weeks actually begin from the dedication of the temple – NOT the command to restore it 49 years before.  Thus Christ was cut off at the 62nd week which is what the Angel said in Daniel 9:26.  This leaves another 8 weeks (or 56 years) of the 70 weeks (490 years) to run from the cross.

This view is also endorsed by the fact that the Acts period is a continuation of Israel's history and the Acts ran for 35-40 years.  Israel was not set aside, and so how can Christ be cut off at the 69th week? Impossible, IMHO.

Remember, Passover in the OT saw Israel under Gentile dominion; and this is repeated in the gospels. Passover was the first step in Israel's deliverance, not ever a threat to cut them off for being stiff necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears.  Thus, Passover was the first step of deliverance, not a point where Israel was to be dismissed.

When Paul wrote of Trumpets in those Acts period letters, he was writing of another feast given to Israel: Passover/Unleavened Bread, Pentecost and Trumpets. Passover and Pentecost had been fulfilled in the gospels and Acts 2.  If Israel was cut off, then Trumpets would not have been expected in their lifetime.  We can't have Israel cut off and their Feasts expected so that Paul could write, "We shall not all die."  What was Trumpets going to be without Israel? The Thessalonian letters are all about Christ returning to the Temple and destroying the lawless one.  This is Israel through and through: prophecy and promise.


Anonymous said...

The question is when did the 69th week end? The issue is Messiah-Prince. Did this occur at His birth, baptism, or death? Neither baptism or death make one a M-P, but birth does!

Brent Henchen said...

So what if Jesus died after week 62, and then Acts period takes 5 weeks, what are the other 3? Tribulation period? Milleenial Kingdom condensed into 3 weeks? What/where are they?