Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is the Significance of the "Two Adams"?

The Mystery of Romans 16 is for the obedience of faith, not the revelation of a new dispensation. Obedience is structured through the epistle but the comparison of the two Adams is significant. Only Paul writes about the two Adams. The two Adams are both associated with Eden, the first and the Eden restored. The first Adam in Eden, disobeyed, brought sin and death into the world and Paradise was lost. The Last Adam, obeyed, shed His blood, and reversed the ill, and the hope of Romans is the inner portion of the Promised Land which will be restored like Eden, Is.51. The Mystery of Romans 16 is the truth found in Adam who was a figure of Him who was to come. Only Paul brings out the truths of Christ as found in Adam. We cannot find Scriptures other than Paul which bring this out; but one thing is for sure, the mystery of Roms.16 is not explained by turning to Ephesians which wasn't even written at that time. The Mystery or Roms.16 fits in the structure and context of the letter.

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