Monday, July 15, 2013

Did the Parable of the Fig Tree Add a Year to Israel's Chance at the Kingdom?

In the matter of the fig tree of Luke 13:6-9, where does it say add another year? It says let it alone THIS YEAR.   Add another year to what?  Even if Christ was cut off at the 69th year, Israel were NEVER to be cut off at Passover – Passover was the beginning of their deliverance, not the setting aside of the nation. If Christ was cut off at the 69th week, how is it another year needs to be added, there remained 7 years of the 70 anyway. Only Messiah was to be cut off but "not for himself" at the cross. When he prayed "Father forgive them," it didn't mean he had prevented them from being cut off.

It is beyond a joke to insist that Acts 7 was one year from the cross anyway.  Herod died in AD44 as recorded in Acts 12, so Acts 1-7 was one year, and 8-12 was 15?   The three years of testimony in Luke 13?  What did they mean?  Too much is made of the years, when the context is "unless you repent you shall likewise perish."  It is the giving of further time which matters, not how much time because we know, the testimony to Israel was constant right through Acts as Romans 10:21 shows.  Israel rejected God at Kadesh-Barnea and wandered for 40 years.  The purpose was not altered just because Israel was unfaithful.

The death of Stephen was the temporary closing of the recorded witness in Jerusalem is all.  In Acts 21, James invites Paul to consider all the thousands who were saved and zealous of the Law – who witnessed to them?  The witness remained there, but for the records, after Stephen from Acts 8 it then went to Judea and Samaria according to Acts1:8.   Acts 11 saw another martyrdom:  James; but this didn't mean Israel were cast aside either, but the witness moved outside the Land.  All those who were scattered at the persecution of Stephen preached to none but Jews only, Acts 11:19-23.  At Antioch, Barnabas saw the grace of God; but he sure didn't see the dispensation of the grace of God.   Neither Paul or any other Jew preached any new economy, it was all the OT.

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