Monday, January 6, 2014


A student of the word that calls himself, "Brother Mark," left a comment on my article,  DOES RICHARD JORDAN'S "DID PAUL BREAK HIS WORD?" REALLY REFUTE THE ACTS 28 POSITION?   

I have been on a similar journey. God led me on that journey to also test Mid-Acts position of rightly dividing...
But God showed me He has so much more for us waiting for us.... Just thought you would enjoy reading some of my similar journey ... Grace and peace and joy to all who love His manifestation and appearing and OURS in Glory..

My blog is

P.S. What a wonderful truth that Mid-Acts misses is there is much more then rightly dividing Peter and Paul... But we see how rightly divide Paul and PAUL. We see Paul first went to the Jews. Then after Acts 28... He goes full tilt to Gentiles and the New Man.   God bless, your brother Mark

I spent a happy 40 minutes reading the article at the top of the page on his site and enjoyed the logical and straightforward way that Brother Mark teaches the differences between scriptures that describe the second coming of Israel's Messiah to this earth to set up their earthly kingdom, and those that deal with that aspect of the mystery that "from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God" (Ephesians 3:9), our appearing with Christ in glory in the heavenly places far above the earth.

Giving up the idea of a "secret rapture" is made a lot easier when we realize that our hope is just as glorious and something we can await with excited eagerness!

Please take a moment and check out Brother Mark's site, won't you?


  1. New Audio: Is The Lord Coming Soon?

    Is the pop-culture "Left-Behind" churchianity correct? Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Solves This Question Too!

  2. Thanks for the link, Bro. Mark! I listened to this and a couple other audios and I like what I'm hearing. I bookmarked the site and plan to take a good look around on it.

    I recommend what I've seen so far!

    Thanks, again,

  3. Update to Brother Mark's comment:

    Further exploration on Dan Sheridan's site reveals that Mr. Sheridan does not accept the doctrine of the Trinity - the 3-Person Godhead. That's something I can't get on board with, although there are some interesting messages on the site.