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Many Mid-Acts teachers pretty much turn a blind eye to the Acts 28 position of right division of the Holy Scriptures and also Paul's letters by simply exclaiming, "They believe Paul was offering the kingdom during the Acts period!" – but some have taken it upon themselves to attempt to refute it.   Pastor Richard Jordan, founder and head of Grace School of the Bible in Bloomingdale, IL, offers a written refutation titled, "Did Paul Break His Word?" to counter the claims of Acts 28 dispensationalists like myself.   Recently, Acts 28 teacher, Brian R. Kelson, of Bible Understanding, set himself the task of addressing Pastor Jordan's assertions and in the process clarifies the claims and proofs of the Acts 28 boundary marker as an important change in God's plan for those who have trusted in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, for their salvation since that change.   Brother Kelson's article can be found on his website at the following link: 

As much as we respect Pastor Richard Jordan's right to attempt to refute the Acts 28 position, we also reserve the same right to refute that refutation.  The result can only be a greater understanding of exactly what is taught by both schools of thought, and that is a very worthwhile pursuit for any student of dispensational Bible study.


dc said...

Does this 'edify' the body of Christ?
If so how?

Deborah Collins said...

Hi, dc, and thank you for your comment. You ask how this particular article edifies the body of Christ. I see from your blog that you hold in great importance (as do I) Paul's instructions to that body to "rightly divide the word of truth," so I think you'd agree that exegesis that aids the serious Bible student in obeying that instruction is worth considering. Much as I love and respect Richard Jordan for his ability to convey our identity and walk in the Lord Jesus Christ, he does mistakenly apply things from Israel's kingdom program in Paul's Acts period letters to believers today and in doing so, he is confusing his listeners about what God wants us to learn and practice today. How is that edifying?

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

I think it edifies the Body of Christ if we learn something, even if it goes against the teaching of someone I love and respect. After all, it's what the Word says that counts and it's up to each of us to find out if a teacher is on the mark or not.

I cannot understand why believers are afraid to examine what other Right Dividers teach in the light of Scripture. The Bereans didn't have a problem opening the Book to see if what Paul said was true. So no matter how much love and respect we have for our teachers, we should always open the Book and decide if what a teacher is teaching is true. After all if our apostle Paul was under such examination by the Bereans, there's no teacher on earth that shouldn't be subject to the same scrutiny.

Both Mr. Kelson and Mr. Jordan recognize that Paul is our Apostle for today and it's up to each of us to decide if what they teach is true regardless of how much respect or even disrespect we may have for that teacher. Both are brothers and teachers in the Lord and each one of us has the responsibility as Bereans to search the Scriptures so see if what is taught is true.

Is Mr. Jordan or Mr Kelson exempt from the examination of their teachings in light of the Scriptures? I think not. If you believe they are then you are holding their teaching above Scripture.

Deborah Collins said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your clear and balanced approach to the issue at hand. I despise personal attacks on anyone, but I see no harm - and oftentimes much merit - in a close examination of someone's teaching. If Brother Jordan would like to debate Brother Kelson on the points examined in this article, I'd be happy to post a transcript of such on this blog; and we'd all benefit from it, I'm certain!


Brother Mark said...

I have been on a similar journey. God led me on that journey to also test Mid-Acts position of rightly dividing...
But God showed me He has so much more for us waiting for us.... Just thought you would enjoy reading some of my similar journey ... Grace and peace and joy to all who love His manifestation and appearing and OURS in Glory..
My blog is
P.S. What a wonderful truth that Mid-Acts misses is there is much more then rightly dividing Peter and Paul... But we see how rightly divide Paul and PAUL. We see Paul first went to the Jews. Then after Acts 28... He goes full tilt to Gentiles and the New Man. God bless, your brother Mark

Deborah Collins said...

Hi, Brother Mark! I want to thank you for making your presence known and giving us your site address. I greatly enjoyed - and was edified - by your article on our appearing with Christ in the heavenly places as it compares to Israel's hope of the second coming and kingdom. I have already recommended it by email to other students of the word and plan to post the link on the blog itself.

Isn't it wonderful to finally understand what God's plans and purposes are, and where in his word to find them? It's even more exciting knowing that we have a wonderful role to play in them, amen?

Have a great new year and I hope you reach many with this truth.


James Peterson said...

I listen to Richard Jordan every Sunday night, but he claims to rightly divide the Word of Truth, instead he sometimes almost contradicts himself in order to see a Acts 8 division for the start of the Mystery (one new man making peace). Truth for Today is probably the best source for Acts 28 believers which I have received for over 30 years, but of course the very best is Charles Welch. May the scripture that says that we are dead and our life is hid in Christ, and when Christ is our life shall appear we shall appear with Him. Blessed be the Lord.

Deborah Collins said...

Hi, James and thanks for your comment. Praise the Lord that the eyes of your understanding are fully enlightened! Richard Jordan strives to make everything fit neatly into an Acts 9 framework for the start of the mystery but the odd-shaped pieces are still left lying all around with nowhere to go. Acts 28 has room and plenty of time for everything to make sense.

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Enjoy your all spiritual blessings in Christ,