Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is the hope of the church, the body of Christ?

In practical terms, what is the Christian's hope as found in Paul's final letters?

Brian's response:
Eph.2:4-8 and Col.3:1-4. The Appearing is not a rapture. We shall appear with Him in glory, where He is seated at the Father's right. This is way above the clouds and air. Clouds and air are inseparable from the earthly Israel purpose. Practically, we will arrive in time for that appearing with the same power which raised Him from the grace to the Father's right, Eph.1:18-2:9, the power in us is according to the power in Him.


Brother Mark said...

A lot of questions answered here. Take a look...

Deborah Collins said...

Hi, Brother Mark! I actually read that article right after it was posted. While I defend the author's right to his opinion on eschatology, I'm not sold on his ideas regarding the timing of the kingdom v. Christ's actual coming to the earth. Of course, our ideas don't matter at all; only God's actual plans are valid so I guess I've adopted a wait and see approach.

Anyone who sees the great divide of Acts 28, though, is super special to me! I thank you for visiting my site, Brother Mark; and hope to see you here again!

Love in our Head, Jesus Christ,