Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is Christ's Return Imminent or Are There Signs We Should Look For?

What do you believe is the prophetic timing of the Lord's appearing? That is to say...according to standard rapture timing, it is imminent, meaning nothing awaits it's happening and it could happen at any time. Would you agree that far with regard to His return? Or is there something yet to look for...the construction of a new temple in Jerusalem, perhaps...that must take place before He returns for us?

Brian answers:   Our Lord's return is some time away yet, IMHO. There is no basis for any return, or church disappearance "at any time" now. In fact, I would suggest highly unlikely for another 30-40 years.
The beasts of Daniel 8, and Rev.13 are nowhere in view, the wars and rumors of wars relate to wars in the middle east around Israel, and involve such nations as are featured in prophesy. This would include Syria, Greece, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. I believe the Temple needs to be rebuilt and feature as it is written..
I do not believe the Lord was "cut off" at the 69th week, rather the 62nd. If this be true, there remains from the cross another 56 years. The Acts period ran for about 40 years and at Acts 28 the 490 years were interrupted when Israel was set aside according to Is.6 Thus we find about 16 (or 21) years of Daniel's 490 years to run. When will these remaining years resume? I believe at the dedication of Israel's Temple.

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