Friday, June 28, 2013

If Paul was saved under the Acts Kingdom program, how did he change over into the church which is his body with a resurrection into the heavenly places?

Brian Kelson answers:

Paul was given the new dispensation by direct visitation from the descended Lord (Eph.4 might not refer to the Gospel descent but to that descent and appearing to Paul for the revelation of the previously hidden program). Yes, Paul's hope during Acts was the same as the 12 tribes, Acts 26:6-7 but, whereas his doxology of Roms.11 was straight out of Is.40, the doxology of Eph.1:3 was out of his mouth by inspiration. So yes, Paul did cross over and embrace the new truth but how many followed him? Who knows, but we know many turned away from him including those in Asia; 2T.1:15, which was the Ephesians and Colossians; they sought not the things of Christ, Phils.2:21.


Brother Mark said...

The Mystery revealed...

Deborah Collins said...

Thanks, Brother Mark!