Friday, February 22, 2013


In my own studies of whether Israel was set aside at Acts 28 and Paul preached the offer of the kingdom up to that point, I'd have to say that if Paul had referred to Old Testament prophecies about the kingdom only when he went first to the synagogues and the Jews as recorded in the book of Acts, I'd have said that he was just using them to drive home the point that Jesus was their messiah so they could consider joining the mystery church Paul was forming with the grace gospel.  BUT, Paul uses hundreds of OT prophecies about the kingdom coming to earth IN HIS LETTERS TO HIS CHURCHES in the Acts period - churches filled mostly with Gentiles but some Jews!  Why?  I have to conclude that Paul was illustrating for them that the offer of the kingdom was still on the table!  So that's why I'm now Acts 28. 

Deborah Collins

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