Sunday, January 20, 2008


The Roman Catholic Church, as can be seen here by reading between the lines in a document from Vatican 2, is pleased as punch that so many Protestants hold Catholic Bible versions in their hands and find them in their pews! (Probably even more so now than in the 1960's when the document was written!) Here's an excerpt from "Dei Verbum," a Vatican 2 document on "divine revelation":

"22. Easy access to Sacred Scripture should be provided for all the Christian faithful. That is why the Church from the very beginning accepted as her own that very ancient Greek translation; of the Old Testament which is called the septuagint; and she has always given a place of honor to other Eastern translations and Latin ones especially the Latin translation known as the vulgate. But since the word of God should be accessible at all times, the Church by her authority and with maternal concern sees to it that suitable and correct translations are made into different languages, especially from the original texts of the sacred books. And should the opportunity arise and the Church authorities approve, if these translations are produced in cooperation with the separated brethren as well, all Christians will be able to use them."

The entire document is available for your perusal at: truth is, Christian friend, that the New Testament portions of ALL modern English Bible versions - other than that of the King James Authorized Version - are translated from Greek texts made from manuscripts deliberately corrupted in Constantine's time to reflect doctrines that would later comprise those of the Roman Catholic system. The New King James Version's New Testament is translated from the same text as the King James Authorized Version but is heavily-influenced by Catholic manuscripts.

Please see my article, "Do We Have God's Word?" And, I strongly encourage you, do some research of your own on this crucially important subject!

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